Presentation of the James Parkinson Unit

The James Parkinson Unit was created in 1996 by Doctors Marc Ziégler and Jean-Philippe Brandel, thanks, in particular, to the support of the France Parkinson association. Originally located at Léopold Bellan Hospital, the unit moved to the Department of Neurology in 2011.

The James Parkinson Unit offers a global, integrated approach to caring for Parkinson's disease patients. Depending on the individual case, the unit may call in other specialist doctors (rheumatologists, cardiologists, urologists, etc.) or physiotherapists, psychologists, and social workers. 

The Unit operates on a consultation basis. However, hospitalisation is sometimes necessary. In this case, patients are admitted to the Department of Neurology. The reasons for admission are varied: initiation of a new treatment, rebalancing a dopaminergic treatment already in place, observation of motor status and initiation of second-line treatment (apomorphine pump or deep brain stimulation). The unit makes it possible to offer continuity of care within the same hospital, while liaising with the patients' own primary care practitioners.

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