You need to undergo anesthesia

This anaesthesia consultation, which should ideally take place 3 weeks before your surgery, is compulsory.

During this anaesthesia consultation, the anaesthesiologist will assess your medical condition and discuss with you the most appropriate anaesthesia method for the surgical or radiological procedure you are to undergo. Our pain management options will also be explained to you.

The anaesthesiologist will outline the risks related to anaesthesia to you and ask you to give your consent to this treatment by signing an "anaesthesia consent form".

In the event of a surgical or neuroradiological procedure involving a bleeding risk, the anaesthesiologist will provide you with specific information about blood transfusions. Once again, you will be asked to indicate your consent to a transfusion if required by signing a "transfusion procedure consent form".

Please note: For surgery involving a bleeding risk, your refusal to sign the "transfusion procedure consent form" for whatever religious or philosophical reason, will automatically lead to the surgery being cancelled.

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