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  • Thursday, 01 September 2016 15:27

> Fighting Against Stroke: Treatment and Research

AVCAs the premiere French hospital treating strokes, the Foundation has launched a big project, which fights against this plague.

We need to acquire 2 latest-generation angiogram rooms. With the installation of this cutting-edge equipment, doctors can operate faster and with more certainty on victims of stroke: a main target where we know only a minute without treatment is equal to a loss of millions of neurons.

Support the acquisition of the angiogram rooms

To make progress in research, we are also launching the first international professorship of strokes to better understand what causes them and to shed light onto the treatments of tomorrow.

Support stroke research.


> Fighting against retina cancer in children

With its link to the Curie Institute, the Foundation has developed an innovative cancer treatment which can help very young children. For further development, we need to acquire cutting edge materials.  

Participate in the fight against children’s cancer

> A Pediatric Wing for Sick Children

pédia2We created a hospital wing as part of our goal to welcome up to 3000 hospitalized children every year into the best possible environment.  Our objective is three-fold: to adapt the hospital to the needs of children, to create child-friendly activities and amusements, and finally to reinforce the link between sick children and their parents.

With this goal in mind, “Patient Week” was our chance to organize a week-long bake sale in March 2016 in which cakes, stuffed animals, and goodies were sold, resulting in more than €10,000 for the project. A big thank you to all!

Support the pediatric wing


> Challenge Accepted: Fight Multiple Sclerosis

loic blaise

Because Multiple Sclerosis is not a death sentence, a patient at the Foundation is ready to reveal a major feat!

To be the first to tour around the Arctic Circle!

Support the Loïc Blaise challenge





> “I run for my Foundation!” 

 DSC2948 bisIn 2016, the Foundation staff took on the challenge of running in 3 races. The goal? To collect funds for supporting projects which benefit patients at the hospital.

20km in Paris / Octobre 9, 2016:  proof of the long-standing support for young children attacked by retina cancer, known as retinoblastoma. With the support of the Lions Club.

La Parisienne / September 11, 2016: in a project made up of 100% women, the employees fought against strokes, the first cause of death among French women

Mud Day / May 8, 2016:  an obstacle and endurance course in which competitors support patients attacked by Multiple Sclerosis. With the support of Biogen. 

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