Current Achievements

1 / Mounting 23 panels around the Foundation building

In terms of aesthetics, the Adolphe de Rothschild Ophthalmology Foundation keeps in her wings a new and unexpected perspective: the art of medicine and the mise en scène of photographic composition, thus this installation shows medical gestures as seen through an artistic lens, where the movements of the providers are captured like art.

2 / Music 

Gospel concerts have been organized twice through “Gospel Heart,” where staff have been invited to participate. Concerts are open to all (hospitalized patients, children and adults, families of patients, and professionals).

3 / Exhibitions

- « Contemplations, » a photography exhibit mounted during the first semester from the photographer Nathalie Rockout, showing strangers in scenes of exterior life. Because it is important to re-learn to see even though the weight of society today blinds us to Ms. Rockout’s subjects, the camera becomes the tool which can move between what is imaginary and what is real.

Expo photos

- "Holi," a photography exhibit mounted during the second semester from the photographer Jean-Marc Roy, showing the annual Indian celebration « Holi »—also called the festival of colors—over the last full moon in March. Jean-Marc Roy is a photographer hailing from the world of design and is also a passionate traveler. He allies himself to those two passions and is nourished through travel when capturing these kinds of moments abroad.

Expo photos 2

4 / Frescoes and Murals

- As a part of the renovation and the complete restructuring of the ground floor, a mural fresco was painted by Pascale SEURIN, an architect who works principally on projects which make a public impact, in other words cultural, hospital, medico-social, and educational settings. She uses color as her medium of choice and always tasks herself with integrating her work into the environment to which it is dedicated.

- Frescoes and workshops: the Foundation came together to make a new fresco mural to be mounted in the new pediatric wing with collaborative workshops held between children, providers, and administrators. The artist “Studio Subito” was selected to form the fresco by using all the art created over 10 artistic sessions. The creations (frescoes painted onto silk) will be revealed over the next 2 years. An exhibition of the children’s works will be scheduled at the end.

5 / Making an Educational Film for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

FONDASEP is the latest project at the heart of the Neurology service line.

As an educational film, it includes concrete advice and complementary information on MS and generates active involvement from the patient, supporting his ability to learn how to care for himself. The FONDASEP film is able to energize and steer patients, expanding possibilities of understanding their illness better and also creating space for them to express their feelings.

In spite of everything that comes with diagnosis, patients are unique individuals and invested in their lives. This work group articulates the success and feelings of each one, focusing efforts on the heart of their problems.

And what happens when the providers swap places with the patients? One of the workshops from this program explores “announcing the diagnosis to loved ones.” Two role-plays were created with an eye toward thinking about the context of the announcement. Over the recent months, our budding “actors” and “actresses” from the Foundation have explored and shined a bright light onto the context of revealing a diagnosis like Multiple Sclerosis and the repercussions that come with it; fears about how others see you, lack of knowledge around the illness, and judgment around symptoms. 

6 / Digital Art

“Around the World” is a project offered to elementary-school children, who can go on a virtual tour around the world during their school year where the everyday life of kids their same age is revealed by reports on different countries outside of France.

By personally identifying with the children, the project dazzles students, making them dream, and inciting enthusiasm, questions, and wishes on themes like family, school, the environment, and on cultural traditions.

At the heart of the Foundation, hospitalized children participate in the adventure and access mini-reports (videos, sounds, photos, drawings, etc...) through tablets put at their disposal. The program works through a Twitter handle especially made for the children. While using the program, children are accompanied by a healthcare provider. 

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