Our Cultural Partnerships

For many years, the Foundation has fostered relationships which improve the quality of the patient experience in a broad-reaching manner.  As a part of our framework on cultural policy, we reinforce partnerships with work-groups who have been recognized for making culture accessible to all. 

  • FRAC, Île-de-France: Defined as the regional collective for contemporary art in Île-de-France, this group stands behind an important project: funding the creation of contemporary art.  Various mediums are represented here: sketching, painting, photography, sculpture, installations, video, movies, and design…

The FRAC organizes exhibits and events at the plateau (Paris, 75019), and at the castle of the Cultural Park of Rentilly, Seine-et-Marne, where they engage in forms of cultural mediation, creating occasions for public education and discourse. The FRAC wishes to enrich its collaborations by disseminating its contemporary collection beyond its walls, notably in spaces which do not automatically include contemporary art, and so exhibits of works of photographers and/or cinematographers will be planned for the heart of the Foundation.


  • Photography Center of the Île-de-France: Created in 1989, the Photography Center for the Île-de-France is a contemporary art center dedicated to subsidizing fixed images and moving images. It supports artistic research and experiments from French and foreign creatives, whether they are emerging or established, by producing new work and welcoming artists in residence.

The group is scheduled to enter into the heart of the Foundation for projects linked to an “Artist in Residence.” 


  • National School for the Fine Arts (ENSBA): Established as a part of public administration under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the school has been charged with providing specialized, high-quality education to students with artistic, creative goals and to benefit the public with access to its funds and its collections.

The ENSBA will bring its expertise and accompany the Foundation during calls for new projects, aiding with their diffusion and also helping with jury selection. In addition, this partnership will foster relationships with artists.


  • Cité de la Musique (The Paris Philharmonic): As a public establishment made up of industrial and commercial arms, this team’s mission is to foster and promote activities dedicated to developing the life of music. Charged with making itself available to as many members of the public as it can as well as adapting itself to as many public needs as possible, the Cité de la Musique seeks development opportunities beyond its own walls.

In the framework of a partnership with the Foundation, the philharmonic will onboard with innovative, musical activities for our youngest patients. This kind of engagement will allow the children to discover activities from the Museum of Music via staff working at the FOR in addition to setting up small group visits to the museum itself once or twice a year.  


  • Cé Ke du Bonheur (This is Happiness): A cultural association, which over the last 10 years, has worked every day to partner with pediatric service lines to improve the life conditions of children during their hospital stays by arranging exceptional meet and greets with celebrities, organizing outings, and setting up play and culture workshops. This association easily develops multi-partner projects.

With the Foundation, these multi-partner projects will roll out cultural activities and innovative programs at the hospital, for example: creating a digital game in partnership with Microsoft, workshops around body expression, calligraphy classes with the Arab Institute, or even helping to create plastic works of art in partnership with the Chateau de Versailles and 14 other hospital centers for a 2018--2019 expo.


  • The 12-Star Association: A multi-disciplinary theatrical troupe, which creates artistic and educational projects, innovates to be accessible to everyone. This partnership is anchored in a social and geographic reality which wishes to touch all of the public regardless of their audience’s familiarity with contemporary culture.

Clown-actors will appear on a monthly basis in the heart of the pediatric unit to spend time with children in the game room or at the bedside for playtime, or even accompanying our youngest patients during treatments. 

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