New success for the Foundation with the second session of Ophthalmology E-Congress!

  • Thursday, 08 September 2016 13:16
New success for the Foundation with the second session of Ophthalmology E-Congress!

The A. de Rothschild Foundation organized its second ophthalmology e-congress in partnership with the Bausch & Lomb laboratories and FMC Production for online distribution. 

Proposed within the framework of Continuing Professional Development (DPC) with the College of Higher Learning in Medicine (CHEM), this event was an occasion to share the skillset at the Foundation with 17 interventions, covering all segments of surgical ophthalmology broadcast directly from 6 operating rooms.

Contact with members of the public who are professionally linked to the field was permitted thanks to a live chat with questions sent directly to the surgeons themselves or to the discussion platform made up of specialists.

Session Topics:

Corneal Transplants where the latest, no-stitches-required techniques were demonstrated:  pre-descemet's endothelial keratoplasty (PDEK), femtosecond laser-assisted deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty (DALK) with Pr. Eric Gabison, and endothelial transplants (DMEK) coupled with a cataract surgery + phacoemulsification (PKE) with Dr. Alain Saad.

Cataract Treatment where several techniques from phacoemulsification to the femtosecond laser were shown by Dr. Serge Doan, Dr Abehassera, and Dr. Jean-Luc Febbraro, as well as cataract surgery in which a pinhole is cut into an implant by Dr. Saad

Retina and Related Complaints most notably a surgery correcting a macular hole and a simple detachment of the retina and epiretinal membrane by Dr. Sébastien Bruneau

Excimer Laser with a refractive surgery (TENEO laser)—myopia treated by Dr. Damien Gatinel

Eyelid Complaints surgical correction for ectropion and also of ptosis by various means as well as palpebral and orbital tumor surgeries from Dr. Olivier Galatoire and Pierre-Vincent Jacomet

Pediatric Ophthalmology with

• lachrymal probing methods from Dr. Edelson,

• an exam under general anesthesia for intermittent divergent strabismus from Dr. Barjol

• familial exudative vitreoretinopathy from Dr. Georges Caputo

• pediatric cataract surgery from Dr. Dureau

As proof of its success, there were no less than 1772 connections, meaning on the big day 1085 people directly connected from France and from abroad.

To find the whole, pre-recorded e-congress, subscribe on our site:

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Web Congress 2016 DSC5441

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